PS/MS 219 Paul Klapper School

Frederick Wright, Principal

Erica Paley, Assistant Principal        Sheilah Papa, Assistant Principal        Marlin Vellon, Assistant Principal

2019-2020 Instructional Focus

Professional Learning Teams will analyze individual student data and monitor student progress to provide cycles of rigorous and engaging small group instruction.

School Goals

Comprehensive Educational Plan 2018-19

We want to share our vision of learning with all stakeholders. These goals represent our school’s vision that every student matters.

Goal #1: By June 2019, our RtI team will create cycles of small group instruction with students in grades K - 2, which will result in 50% of Tier 3 students moving to Tier 2 or Tier 1, measured by DIBELS progress monitoring growth including BOY, MOY, and EOY diagnostics.

Goal #2: By June 2019, our Social Emotional Learning Team will implement a grade-level SEL toolkit derived from our school charter (i.e. mood meter, Meta Moment, feelings vocabulary, protocols, etc.) for all staff members, resulting in a 10:1 ratio of toolkit implementation to teacher removals, in grades 2 - 5.

Goal #3: By June 2019, Math teacher teams in grades 4 - 7 will focus on building pedagogical knowledge in developing at least two units of study with embedded conferencing differentiation, ​​​​directly supporting achievement gaps in specific subgroups, resulting in 85% of students in grades 4-7 achieving at least one year of progress on the NYS Math exam.

Goal #4: By June 2019, administration-led professional development will focus on extensive formative assessment systems - specifically conferring toolkits, creating systems for conferences, and tracking student progress, resulting in 70% of our teachers ranking on level 2a or higher on the PS/MS 219 Instructional Focus Progression.


Goal #5: By June 2019, each target parent population will have been provided at least two events that cater to either academic, behavioral, and/or celebratory supports, and involve parent input, measured by a score of 3 on the TPS (Targeted Population Support) Rubric.

The SLT evaluates these CEP goals to ensure the school’s continuous improvement;
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